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The original CoreXY platform was a reimagined belt pattern for XY gantries that could travel at higher speeds than their typical cartesian cousins. By mounting both motors on the frame in an "Etch-a-Sketch"-like fashion, the design reduces the moving mass by one motor while still enabling translation in an XY plane.

Over the years, the CoreXY has seen many, many belt pattern tweaks, most of which offer minor conveniences. Some of these variants even have their own names, like the Fabtotum-style belt pattern.

I'd like to add one more CoreXY variant to the mix, which I'm calling the 'Flush-Form CoreXY'.

Flush-form CoreXY.png

This stylize pattern actually creates a few conveniences. First, it makes the belts easier to assemble as the two patterns closely mirror each other. If this is your first CoreXY build, stringing the belts can be somewhat confusing--especially if you're not the designer. Second, by stacking the belts that meet at the carriage on the same plate, it eliminates any torisional loads placed on the carriage that would cause an overconstrained carriage to wiggle back-and-forth each time it changed direction. Next, it exposes easy belt tensioning. By mounting both motors into slots adjusting tension is done with a side-mounted set screw. Finally, I'll admit that, aesthetically, it's quite pleasing to the eye.

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Belt Installation

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Belt Tensioning

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